San Bruno Digital Phone Telephone Calling Features

Caller ID
Allows you to view the telephone number of incoming callers that do not block their Caller ID. You also have the option to show or block your own Caller ID on a per call basis or as default setting for all of the calls that you make.
Anonymous Call Rejection
Informs callers that choose to block their Caller ID that Anonymous calls are not accepted. Callers hear a message explaining how to enable their Caller ID so the call can be completed.
Call Filtering
Automatically screen calls by Caller ID so you can take them, send them to Voice Mail or block them completely!
Call Waiting
If you are on the telephone when another call comes in, you will be alerted to the new call by a soft BEEP. You can press your flash button or hook switch to answer the second call and your first call will be placed on hold. Every time the flash button or hook switch is pressed, you will toggle between the first and second caller. If the BEEP is ignored, the call will be handles however you configured your line to treat “no answer” calls.
Call Forwarding
Allows you to redirect incoming calls to another number or group of numbers! For example, your telephone can ring at home, your office and your cell phone at the same time.
Do No Disturb
Automatically handles your calls when you choose not to.
Voice Mail
Voice Mail allows callers a chance to leave a message if you are busy or away. You can listen to your messages from any phone or web browser. Messages can also be delivered via email as audio files that can be played on your computer.
Speed Dial
By assigning your frequently called numbers a speed dial code, you can easily remember and dial two digits instead of the complete numbers that you call frequently.
Call Return
Return the last incoming call by pressing “69”
Repeat Dialing
Automatically redials any busy telephone number for 30 minutes.
3-Way Calling
Allows you to add a third party to any telephone call.

Digital Phone Service
Digital Phone Service (Includes one low rate for local, domestic long distance, international to 24 pre-selected countries, and full calling feature set.
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Basic Phone Service $39.95
Additional Phone Line (same services as above) $39.95
International Calling varies
Basic Fax Line $12.95
Virtual Numbers $ 6.95
One-time Installation Charge per Line $50.00
One-time Local Number Portability Charge per line $19.95
EMTA Rental Fee $ 1.95
Unreturned E MTA Charge $99.00
411 Directory Service Charge per call $ 0.75