Channel 1

Channel 1 San Bruno

Channel 1 is the City of San Bruno's Local Origination channel. City Council meetings, local events and other programs that are of interest to residents of San Bruno are broadcast on Channel 1. 

Schedule of Programs

View the Schedule of Programs for Channel 1

Message Board

Watch the message board on the channel for up-to-date weekly programming information.

The message board displays ads and information for the City of San Bruno, as well as for non-profit organizations. Personal messages for birthdays and other events can be displayed on the bulletin board for a nominal fee. 

Download the Message Form (PDF) to submit your message. Messages may be hand delivered to the cable office, faxed to 650-871-5526, or emailed. Any inquiries regarding messages may be directed to San Bruno CityNet Services at 650-616-3100 or via email.