Wi-FI Experience

Wi Fi Experience, Seamless, Hassle-Free ConnectivityExperience Whole Home Wi-Fi starting at $10.95 per month! You can have blazing fast Wi-Fi without the headache of trying to figure it out yourself. We offer fast, reliable home Wi-Fi for bandwidth-hungry applications, like streaming HD video, videoconferencing, and online gaming.
No matter how many devices are connected at the same time, everyone enjoys the same outstanding Wi-Fi performance. We provide the equipment, the setup and the support! If it stops working, we'll replace it free of charge. As always, there are no contracts to sign, and no charge for service calls.

24/7 Internet Technical Support

If you are experiencing problems related to your Internet service, please contact:

Customer Control Panel

Want to change your password? See how much speed you have on your system? Access the Customer Control Panel on our 24-hour website.

Call to Order

Call us at 650-616-3100 to order your wi-fi services. You can view a list of our packages by checking out our current rates (PDF).