Apply for a Building Permit

Permit Counter Services/Permit Intake & Permit Issuance

Permit processing will be done electronically.

If you are applying for an over-the-counter permit that does not require a plan review, please complete the building permit application and email it as an attachment. Over-the-counter permits include sewer replacement, reroof, furnace replacement, and water heater replacement.

If you are applying for a permit that requires plan review, complete the building permit application and email the building permit application. A permit technician will reach out to you to coordinate the plan review fee payment and submittal of electronic plans and documents to us to start the plan review process. Please review the Digital Submittal Requirements prior to submitting.

ADU & JADU Submittals

To proceed with the ADU/JADU building permit submittal, please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete and submit the Building Permit Application and ADU Submittal Checklist.
  2. If your project includes construction drawings and documents, such as structural calculations, please upload it with the building permit application and ADU checklist specified above.
  3. The filenames should include the project address along with the words, "Permit Application". For example, "567 El Camino Real ADU Permit Application."
  4. Once you are ready to submit, please send an email to the Building Department with the application material. 

For questions, please email us or call 650-616-7074.