Apply for a Building Permit

COVID-19 Update November 6, 2020

Per the current Shelter-in-Place order, all construction will be allowed to resume, provided that builders comply with the San Mateo County health and safety guidelines from the California Department of Public Health:

The Building Division will continue to process existing applications, and new applications. Applicants should continue working with staff to schedule building inspections. The Building Division can be reached at 650-616-7074.

Permit Counter Services/Permit Intake & Permit Issuance

Permit processing will be done electronically.

If you are applying for an over-the-counter permit that does not require plan review, please complete the building permit application and email as attachment. Over the counter permits include sewer replacement, reroof, furnace replacement, water heater replacement.

If you are applying for a permit that requires plan review, complete the building permit application and email the building permit application. A permit technician will reach out to you to coordinate plan review fee payment and submittal of electronic plans and documents to us to start the plan review process. Please review the Digital Submittal Requirements prior to submitting.

ADU & JADU Submittals

Please note that new Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) and Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU) submittals are to be emailed to the Planning Department for completeness review before the application is taken in. Once deemed complete, the Planning Division will release submittal to the Building Division for processing.

For questions, please email us or call 650-616-7074.