For a list of fees related to encroachment, grading, or transportation permits, please view the City of San Bruno's Master Fee Schedule. If you have any questions, please contact the Administration and Engineering Division at 650-616-7065.

  1. Encroachment Permits
  2. Grading Permits
  3. Small Wireless Facilities
  4. Transportation Permits
  5. Parklet Permits

Encroachment Permit Documents

When Do I Need an Encroachment Permit?

An encroachment permit is needed anytime you wish to perform any work in the public right-of-way. This is the area outside your property that generally includes the sidewalk, curb and gutter, planting strip, driveway cut to your property and the street. An encroachment permit is not only the mechanism by which you gain permission to do work in the right-of-way, but it also assures that your work will be inspected to established standards and, upon acceptance, protects you from potential liability that may otherwise come about by substandard or unauthorized work.

Types of Encroachment Permits

There are two types of encroachment permits. The most common is the Minor Encroachment Permit, used for sidewalk, curb drains and driveway approach work. A Regular Encroachment Permit is used for, street work, monitoring wells and other large projects.

Who Can Do the Work?

All construction work performed under an encroachment permit must be conducted by a licensed contractor with the State of California.

You Must Have the Following Information Prior to Receiving Your Permit:

  • Job Site Address and owner's name along with a contact number
  • Mailing address for deposit refund (address of person who pays for permit)
  • Contractor's name, address and contact number
  • City of San Bruno Business license (required for contractor)
  • Insurance (see below for requirements)
  • Copy of City of San Bruno Building Review (if permit is required by review)

Insurance Requirements:

Contractors are required to have the following insurance:

  • $1 million liability
  • $1 million workers compensation
  • $1 million for auto
  • $2 million combined aggregate
  • In the "Certificate Holder" location list, "City of San Bruno, 567 El Camino Real San Bruno, CA 94066"