500 Sylvan Ave

500 Sylvan Ave
Project Description
Proposal to demolish an existing building and construct a new three-story, 9-unit apartment building within the Transit Corridors Plan downtown area. The project will include one studio, two one-bedroom and six two-bedroom units. A total of 13 parking spaces will be provided on-site.
Land Use/Zoning
General Plan: Transit-Oriented Development
Zoning: R-2, Low-Density Residential 
Planning Approvals
P-D Zoning, Planned Development Permit, Architectural Review Permit, Conditional Use Permit, and Environmental Clearance
500 Sylvan Avenue (within the Transit Corridors Plan area)
Building permits for vertical construction were submitted in December 2019 and are currently under review. Entitlement was approved by City Council in May 2019 and a time extension request has been approved by Planning Commission on June 16, 2020 to extend the expiration to May 2021. Project entitlements were subsequently extended for an additional 18 months pursuant to AB 1561. 
PlannerMatt Neuebaumer, Associate Planner | 650-616-7042 | mneuebaumer@sanbruno.ca.gov 
DeveloperSan Bruno Inn, Lp Suresh Gandhi

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