990 El Camino Real

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Project Description The proposed project includes a 4-story, 51-ft tall, residential building with 20 units, with a total of 17 parking spaces located on the ground floor. This project meets the City of San Bruno’s minimum requirements for affordable housing, offering 15% of the total units at very-low, low- and moderate-income levels.
Land Use/ Zoning General Plan Land Use Designation: Transit-oriented development.
Zoning: (TOD-2) High Density Mixed-Use
Planning Approvals Architectural Review Permit
Location 990 El Camino Real, San Bruno (NW corner of El Camino and Forest Lane, before Interstate-380 on-ramp)
Type Multi-family Residential
Status The Planning Division is awaiting a formal submittal. The project has been heard at the February 2023 and October 2023 Architectural Review Committee hearings. This type of project requires review and approval from the Planning Commission.
Planner Kristie Woo, Assistant Planner
650-616-7089 | kwoo@sanbruno.ca.gov
Architect Baek Young Ahn
650-773-5724 | baekahnaia@gmail.com