The Traffic Engineering section of the Public Works Department facilitates the safe and efficient movement of traffic within San Bruno by applying advanced traffic and transportation engineering technology and methods. Through the implementation and maintenance of traffic tools and measures, we are able to:

  • Improve roadway conditions
  • Perform:
    • Traffic speed and volume studies
    • Speed limit evaluations
    • Minor traffic calming projects
  • Increase public safety

Stop Signs

The California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices states that “Stop signs should not be used for speed control.” Stop signs are intended to assign the right-of-way among motorists, pedestrians and cyclists at an intersection. Although many citizens believe that stop signs help reduce speeds on their street, numerous studies have shown that speeds are as high or higher at mid-block than those locations without stop signs. To address speeding concerns, other Traffic Calming measures may be available. Stop signs are installed based on criteria set by the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. These criteria for Stop signs include crash history, conflicting vehicular traffic at the intersection, proximity to schools or parks and any unusual conditions, such as the layout of the intersection. 

Traffic Calming

This program evaluates the traffic and pedestrian safety concerns, possible alternatives, and implements improvement projects to improve safety and enhance the livability of neighborhoods. Program activities include:

  • Traffic speed and volume studies
  • Speed limit evaluations
  • Education efforts
  • Police enforcement
  • Pedestrian safety warning systems installation in the downtown and in high volume pedestrian locations near schools
  • Traffic sign installation
  • Parking restrictions
  • Parking studies
  • Minor traffic calming capital projects

Traffic Signal Rehabilitation

This program repairs and replaces deteriorating traffic signal controllers and related accessories with new technologies or features that improve signal operations including above-ground traffic detection systems and improving signal visibility.

This project provides a traffic signal priority control system at designated State and City operated intersections that enables authorized emergency vehicles to activate signalized intersections for momentary right-of-way. This system allows emergency vehicles (fire, police, ambulance, etc.) to more safely cross intersections without traffic delay.

Traffic Requests / Complaints

For traffic issues, such as missing or damaged street signs, traffic signal outages and traffic calming needs, please Send an Email.