The San Bruno Water Division is responsible for the production and delivery of the City's drinking water supply.  State certified/licensed treatment and distribution operators monitor and maintain the City's water storage tanks and delivery system. The Water Division rigorously protect and test the quality of your water to ensure that it meets or exceeds all federal and state standards for health.

Water Conservation

Water Quality

Water Report


For afterhours water or sewer emergencies, please contact (650) 616-7160.

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  1. Connecting to City Water
  2. Dishwashers - Spotting
  3. Fluoride
  4. Flush Out Water Heater
  5. Hard Water
  6. Rotten Egg Smell
  7. Temporary Water Service

A property may be connected to the City's water system if it is located within the City limits and utilities are available. If utilities are not already stubbed to the property line, an Encroachment Permit is needed to work in the City right-of-way. Contact the Engineering Division to determine the closest utilities and availability for connection. A Building Permit is also required to construct utilities from the property line to the house and may be obtained through the Building Division. Connection Fees are collected when the Building Permit is issued.