Water Quality

GoldfishChloramine Water Purification Process

Water customers in San Bruno are fortunate - we can take safe, clean water for granted. But the water quality you receive at your tap is possible only through a lot of hard work and processes you never need to think about.

All water supplies contain contaminants, whether mineral or bacterial. In order to remove potentially damaging bacterial contaminants from our water supply, the City of San Bruno and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (from which San Bruno buys some of our water) disinfect our water supplies. Disinfection of drinking water was one of the most important public health advances of the 20th century, nearly eliminating outbreaks of waterborne diseases in the United States.

Chloramine is a combination of chlorine and ammonia that is considered a better disinfectant. Many Bay Area communities are successfully using chloramine disinfection.

Water customers in San Bruno began receiving chloraminated water in 2004. With the conversion to chloramine, our customers continue to receive the highest quality water, which meets or exceeds more stringent current and anticipated regulatory standards.


If you have other questions, please call the Water Division at 650-616-7160.

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