Water Issues

If you notice a water main break, please call 650-616-7160 IMMEDIATELY.  Do not use the 'Contact Us' or Customer Request Portals.

Property Owner's Responsibility for Water Lines

The City maintains everything up to and including the water meter, therefore, we must have free access. It is illegal to obstruct City access with landscaping, fences, planters, parked vehicles, and the like. It is illegal to enter the City's water meter box for any reason. The property owner must provide a separate shut-off valve between the City meter and the building being serviced. The property owner is responsible for all maintenance within the property.

Tips for Detecting Leaks

Dripping faucets and leaking toilets are more than a nuisance. They waste water and cost you money. If your water bill sky-rockets for no apparent reason, chances are that there's a leak somewhere. Finding and fixing household leaks can be easy and inexpensive. 

Visit the San Bruno Water Division for tips on how to detect leaks, as well as other water-saving measures you can take.